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What REALLY happens when you skip your period.


This article was intended to be published over at The Glow.  They recently featured an story; ‘What REALLY happens when you skip your period,’ and in fury I posted it on my Facebook page (see my reply here)  because I was simply appalled.  The information in the article was written by a “real” fertility expert but sadly had more holes than a pasta strainer.  The Glow contacted me and gave me the right of reply – and so I sat down on my holiday (mind you) and put pen to paper – because I felt strongly and it’s no secret, I’m oh so passionate about women being able to access truthful information.  In light of that, my reply was deemed “inappropriate,” and so, I’m posting it here for your eyes because you my lady deserve the truth.  Sadly, it seems my writing isn’t mainstream enough, perhaps too far out of the mould.  I’m keen to hear your thoughts.  Here goes.

The second I read the article ‘What really happens to your body when you skip your period,’ I actually wanted to scream until my body shook – I felt like the roadrunner cartoon character with my bloodshot eyeballs diving out of their sockets in frustration. Really? I sat here shaking my head and of course shared the post on my public Facebook page and then the flood gates (best pun ever) opened. And here I am. I’m a Dr of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a natural hormone expert, an author and a speaker. I tour the country helping women understand their hormones better, to fill in the gaps and seek truthful solutions. If you only absorb one point from this story, hear this. I’m not here to push people into corners, to judge or to make you feel crappy about your choices. I am here to shine the spotlight on women’s health, to provide truthful information so that we can make informed decisions about our precious bodies. If you are on the pill and love it – great. If you understand all the risks and side effects and if your Doctor was thorough enough to explain the 100 page leaflet that comes with it in more than 3.5 minutes when you first started on the pill – even better. You’re a lucky woman. If you were told it may fail, that thousands of women continue to fall pregnant whilst taking it, that it may lead to mood swings, low libido, migraines, digestive issues, anxiety, depression, skin conditions, increased risk of cancer and blood clots and hormone imbalance – great! You had yourself a keeper of a Doctor. I can vouch for all the women I know taking it – they were never told. What’s more, I’m not actually blaming your Doctor, because too often they too aren’t revealed the issues that arise. They too continue to be told it’s perfectly safe. Sadly, we’re not getting fed the real truth.