How to Prevent Pregnancy Whilst Breastfeeding.

After our busy week reviewing and sharing about our latest favourite pregnancy prevention gadget Daysy, I received a lot of questions as to how it would go for those who were breastfeeding.  I promised to write about it to make sure this method was fully understood. I see gaps as to it’s effectiveness which you’ll easily see too, and perhaps answer the age old question, does it really work?  So, what’s the best form of protection whilst breastfeeding, and is breastfeeding actually an effective form of ‘contraception?’  Here goes.

Exclusive breastfeeding is 98-99.3% effective in preventing pregnancy.


The man ‘pill’

I’ve kept a pretty tight lip around the hype that has come along with the ‘breakthrough’ of the man pill.  But just this week, I’ve read an article introducing what scientists in Japan believe to have found a ‘reversible’ and effective form of the pill for men.  Sounds fabulous in theory, but like most modern marvels, there’s literally no way this current finding couldn’t come without consequences given that the drug itself is an immuno-suppressant, similar to a drug that’s given to organ transplant patients.


Hypothalamic Amenorrhea

You might have heard the term, heck, you might have been diagnosed with it and your still confused about what it actually means.  The condition Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is fast becoming a major health issue for women near and far.  Hypothalamic Amenorrhea (HA) is a result of the hypothalamus shutting shop on your hormones.  For whatever reason, it decides it isn’t going to tell the pituitary the right message for ovulation to occur meaning you don’t ripen and release a follicle each month for ovulation and therefore you don’t get a period either (because let’s remember that a period will always follow ovulation. Always!) So if you are having a regular period, it can be almost guaranteed you’re ovulating, it’s just a matter of when that might be in your cycle.

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