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Chloe’s Carrot, Apple and Cinnamon Buckwheat Porridge Recipe

Chloe Elgar, founder of Chloe’s Countertop, is a passionate Holistic Nutritionist and Natural Food Chef. Her work is very much focussed in her writing, speaking and food photography, as well consulting and coaching. Chloe works closely with people on identifying their intuitive voice and understanding where they have diverged from their core and how to get back into alignment. Her background in psychology as well as her own experiences with eating disorders and a destructive body image led Chloe on her own journey to re-discovering her truth and love for herself and for living. Chloe currently is living in Dubai, UAE and works with people around the world.

Today I have one of Chloe’s fabulous recipe’s to share with you!


My Chia Brekky-Bowl (and why you should make this for your Mum)

THIS.  This is my latest and greatest creation.  You know I’m all for the warming foods that have your digestion loving you all the more. Remember, digestion happens at around 37 degrees, so overloading your weak digestive system with too much cold, raw foods (especially in the cooler months) can place extra strain on it’s mechanics which may leave you bloated, ill and your bowels rather unhappy. Well my love, I’m taking brekky-bowls to a whole new level.  It’s warm, it’s delicious, it’s super easy to make AND you can pretty much adapt the recipe to whatever your current pantry, fridge and fruit bowl allows. It’s one for the Mum’s this Mothers Day!


Maca slice – why your thyroid needs it.

This slice was originally created a few years ago and has done the rounds many times since.  It’s one of our most featured recipes (alongside our pumpkin curry) and it is a real family favourite.  Whilst it isn’t fructose free, it is free from refined sugars – so as a special treat (you know, a real sometimes delight). It is super easy and you can switch up the recipe to add in whatever you like!  But most of all, I’m re-sharing this today because it utilises Maca, a brilliant super food that helps your thyroid.  In the spirit of announcing my upcoming Melbourne event – Debunking your Thyroid (click here for info) we want to help make your thyroid happy.  Maca is unique because it is an adaptan, meaning it adapts to what your own thyroid needs. If it is under-active, it helps to give it a gentle push along and if it is over active, it helps to calm it down.

If you are using Maca as a supplement, it’s important to establish just how much Maca you should be having.  I say 1/2 – 1tsp. daily but I advise many women to take it just for the second half of the cycle. In any case, give it a go – it’s a winner!


Madeleine Shaw’s Paleo Sweet Potato Loaf



I can’t tell you how much I love this woman!  Madeleine has featured on the site before here.  She is a picture of beauty and she just radiates wellness on all levels.  I really do just love her!  So when a copy of her soon to be released book “Get the Glow” showed up on my desk, I couldn’t help but do a happy dance.  This woman!  Her book is absolutely stunning, it oozes everything she is AND it’s a lifestyle book meaning not only do you get the goods she serves up on wholesome living BUT 100 delicious recipes!  I’m excited to tell you, we will be stocking the book at The Pagoda Tree or you can jump on Madeleine’s website and pre-order here.

I’m sharing one of Madeleine’s old recipes today – I know it’s something everybody will enjoy!


From Well & Good – My Granola

Keeping in theme and to celebrate the launch of Well & Good the e-book, I wanted to share with you today one of my fave recipes from the book. My Granola.

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Well & Good ebook giveaway

And now, onto My Granola!