Danielle Walker’s Apple, Pear & Blueberry Crisp

This delish recipe is from the lovely Danielle Walker’s website - Against All Grain.  After her own diagnosis with autoimmune disease, Danielle had the realisation that dietary changes were paramount in her own recovery.  She now shares her journey, wisdom and amazing recipes via her site and books.  There’s something for everyone be it if you’re looking for some healthy food inspiration or if you’re considering cutting out grain – head over to her site and take a cruise around.

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My roast pumpkin soup

Image credit to CJ Photography

I might be away – but I’ve organised this treat to hit your screen today.  In all honesty – I thought I had shared this recipe before, but in my searching (actually to schedule some archived posts in my absence), I realised this absolute DELIGHT from my book Well & Good hasn’t ever hit my blog.


My seeded crackers – and why your hormones need them.

Image thanks to Friends Gather Round.

Are you with me when I say food is medicine?  Want a little more proof?  Today I’m serving up a ripper when it comes to supporting your health and your hormones.

I’m a wild fan of nuts and seeds.  I utilise nuts and seeds as part of a treatment protocol when it comes to supporting healthy hormones.

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Good Food Friday – School Nutrition Warm Winter Porridge

This ever so delish and healthy recipe is one from the lovely Chelsea Motlik, founder of School Nutrition.

Chelsea has been practising as a qualified Nutritionist for 6 years, with an additional 4 years in the health and fitness industry. Over her time she has been heightened to the lack of education that we have as a community around nutrition, and how many different diets the average person has been on. Research has repeatedly shown that education about nutrition combined with accessibility to healthy food has been the only intervention with long-term results on a person’s health and diet. For this reason Chelsea has developed an education program for Children that is inline with the national curriculum. Her aim; to provide children the best chance of understanding food from the very beginning, eliminating confusion we as adults have now. Her big time goal is for this curriculum to be accessible to all children in Australia and beyond. Chelsea also offers an education program for adults in the same vein, in understanding how you can have your ideal body weight and stay there without any FAD dieting!

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Golden Latte – You’re Welcome!

We’ve had golden latte envy around NKHQ as of late – I’ve watched by on Instagram, hoping somebody would sometime soon bring me my very own cuppa Joe.  Seems around here, if you want something you’ve got to go and make it happen!  So we did.

This warming blend of goodness has beautiful ingredients set up to support your body on all dimensions.  Ginger to warm, cinnamon to help reduce phlegm and inflammation and the spice of the moment turmeric, the wonder food that not only tackles inflammation because of it’s active ingredient curcumin (known for it’s ah-mazing antioxidant powers) but it’s a ripper to help lower your chances of heart disease, cancers, it is said to help prevent alzheimers and other painful conditions like arthritis.  It’s also useful to assist in boosting your mood.  So much to love!

The Golden Latte gets its name because of it’s wonderful rich colour provided by blending these delicious ingredients.  You could of course modify it to suit your tastebuds or your pantry stocks!  Just bring me one already, please?


Start by making a batch of your Spice Mix