Recipe Image, Carrot Apple Ginger Immunity Juice .

Good Food Friday: Immunity Juice & a giveaway not to be missed!

I can’t even tell you how much I love and respect Amy Crawford.  She is such a shining light in the wellness industry and most certainly a woman that walks the walk and talks the talk.  I most of all love how much she listens to her body and gives it what it deserves.  We can all learn a thing or two from this beauty.  She’s featured on the site several times, and she’s kindly here today with not only a stunning recipe but a giveaway to boot! Keep reading for details.

raw choc cheesecake

Trainer Luke’s Raw Dark Chocolate Cheesecake

Um… so we love Trainer Luke.  So much so, we pinched this recipe that he shared earlier this week (because we didn’t want to leave you foodless on a Friday and equally because we know Luke, and we know he’d happily have you serving this up to your troops this weekend). How freaking good does this puppie look!  Luke – you’ve outdone yourself!

I’ll leave you with just two questions today.  Firstly, who’s making me a serve of this, for me to enjoy this weekend?  And secondly – who will I be seeing at Debunking Stress TOMORROW!! (I hope both of these things can be my immediate reality – that I see YOU tomorrow WITH cake!)

Becs balls

Almond Butter Protein Chews – a recipe from My Goodness Organics

WHAT THE ACTUAL!?  These look flipping delicious.  My Goodness Organics have come to the party today with this beautiful recipe.  These look similar to our Amazeballs – but really they are like a grown up version, adding the delicious benefits of protein powder with less fructose by removing dates and adding in other goodies.  In any case, it just goes to show how creative you can be – and equally how you can be best inspired by awesome people like Bec to get into the kitchen and change it up!  These can be made and kept in the fridge meaning YOU can pop this on your Sunday ‘to do’ list to set yourself up for the week ahead.  You know what they say – a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!  Get on it peeps.

Supergreen Soup1

Heal Your Gut recipe & giveaway

If you have been paying a skerrick of attention to anything I’ve been banging on about the past 6 years, you’ll know how passionate I am about healing the gut.  The gut is the pivot of your health.  When it’s working well it can utilise the nutrients in your food to fuel your entire body – hormones included.  When it’s damaged by way of constitution, inheritance, poor diet and lifestyle and medications like the pill and alike, it can be a real task to get it back on the happy train again.  I talk about it in great length in my Debunking PCOS download as to why you must fix it stat!  But my gorgeous wellness buddy Lee Holmes is back with a sizeable serving of gut goodness by way of her very exciting new ebook – Heal Your Gut!  After all, it’s all good and well to talk about it, it’s the next level of healing when you are doing great things about it!

Today not only are we featuring Lee’s Super Green Soup BUT she’s given us some books to GIVEAWAY!  Keep reading to find out all the details.


Chunky Muffins!

Don’t you  just love a pull together recipe?  This was one of those.  Baking up a storm before the kids went back to school – pulling every stop out of my pantry until I darn well made something these little mites would eat!  Turns out – the staff at the clinic made sure there were none left at all!  Anyway – let’s not go on about my awesomeness, let’s share this recipe shall we!?