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Are you suffering from a whole food hangup?



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Don’t flog me for saying this, but it’s been on my mind for a real long while.  Being honest, open and raw I believe is part of me not only being truthful to you, my reader, but also to myself.  So here goes.  I feel like many of us are unknowingly spending our days with a form of an eating hang up – much like a form of an eating disorder.  In no way am I making light of women with issues like anorexia or bulimia – it’s a serious illness that is nothing short of torturous.  Helping women overcome their once poor relationship with food and their bodies is one of the toughest things I face as a practitioner – but something that is so equally rewarding when we can repair the wounds.  But it seems we’ve kicked things up a real fast notch in the whole food, organic, paleo, vegan, vego, IQS world and I feel that for many of us, it’s actually becoming our undoing.