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Madeleine Shaw’s Paleo Sweet Potato Loaf




I can’t tell you how much I love this woman!  Madeleine has featured on the site before here.  She is a picture of beauty and she just radiates wellness on all levels.  I really do just love her!  So when a copy of her soon to be released book “Get the Glow” showed up on my desk, I couldn’t help but do a happy dance.  This woman!  Her book is absolutely stunning, it oozes everything she is AND it’s a lifestyle book meaning not only do you get the goods she serves up on wholesome living BUT 100 delicious recipes!  I’m excited to tell you, we will be stocking the book at The Pagoda Tree or you can jump on Madeleine’s website and pre-order here.

I’m sharing one of Madeleine’s old recipes today – I know it’s something everybody will enjoy!