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How I reclaimed my period after seven years – guest post from Amy Molloy


I first met the inspiring Amy when she was the editor at Grazia here in Australia.  I felt really drawn to her beautiful energy but I never knew how much of a power house she actually was.  When she told me her story, I felt compelled to ask her to put it into words that she could share, because I knew her journey was not only profound, but she would absolutely change women’s lives as a result.  She’s a very powerful message to share – one that I hope you may pass on to collectively come together as women and make a difference.  Before I hand over to Amy, perhaps her story resonates with you but your not sure where to turn to next?  Remember Debunking Stress is on the horizon and early bird prices are still available (shameless plug but one that I know might change your life!  So I’m prepared to plug until I can plug no more..)  Now over to Amy.

When I didn’t have a period for seven years, friends, therapists and doctors offered many different theories on the reason; because I’d had an eating disorder as a teenager, because I’d been on the pill for an extended period, because I was widowed when I was 23-years-old and my body had ‘shut down’ with grief. Over the course of its absence – from 2007 to 2013 – I blamed all of the above at times. Yet one common denominator between all these causes jarred with me. They were all in the past and there was nothing I could do to change them. I couldn’t undo my eating disorder, I couldn’t untake my contraception, I couldn’t go back in time and turn down the offer of a drink from the man I’d fall in love with and, three weeks after our wedding day, bury.