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Jess Ainscough – the true Wellness Warrior


A little over three years ago I was researching on the web when I came across a stunning image; a beautiful woman, so vibrant, full of life and wellbeing, I instantly wanted to know more of her.  I continued to search and found myself mesmorised.  It was Jess.  She had just released her e-book ‘Make Peace with Your Plate,’ and was taking the wellness space by storm as she rawly shared her journey.  Her writing grasped me and I was inspired by her strength.  She was living her life to the fullest in every single moment.

I reached out to Jess and I admit, I was surprised but freaking excited that she replied almost immediately.  We shared a common bond – our passions so similar – we wanted people to understand their own wellness.  A few months rolled by and we continued to email.