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Well & Good – the limited 100 (and how to get yours)



HOOOOOO AHHHHHHH!!  What’s that sound you say?  That’s me making a BIG ol racket because I’m so very excited to share – my new book Well & Good, is here (for a limited time at least since I have special early copies up for grabs before it hits store Nov 1st)!  Well & Good launched in a special way the weekend gone by at Utopia Womens Wellness in Sydney.  In fact, across all the Utopia Festivals (there are still tickets for Brisbane and Melbourne), Well & Good is exclusively available.

BUT here’s the fun part.  For those of you who can’t attend Utopia, you can still get your hands on an specially signed and numbered copy of Well & Good!  100 books have been signed and numbered for you to nab either by phone or email order from my clinic The Pagoda Tree or by dropping in for a visit to collect in person.