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Step by step guide to stopping the contraceptive pill.



I get it.  You’ve sat with the idea for what seems like ages, waiting for the ‘right time’ to stop taking the pill.  Something in the pit of your stomach has told you since forever that it isn’t for you yet you don’t really know where to turn, let alone go it alone.  Let me tell you – we are (at least so many of the women who frequent this space) in this together and, sorry to say, there is never a perfect time to overhaul your life.  The time is now.

Perhaps you’ve discovered that the pill isn’t solving your PCOS or Endometriosis.  Maybe you’ve heard that the pill is ruining your gut bacteria as fast as a shot of antibiotics.  Maybe you’re starting to see the link between your not so healthy ways and your hormones.  I’m here to say today, PCOS, Endometriosis, thyroid issues and hormone imbalance are all lifestyle conditions.  They are sure signs your hormones are downright cranky and that, for there to be change, you too need to change.