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INTRODUCING… Fertilise Your Christmas! (and how to become an affiliate!!)

It may as well have been the night before Christmas last night.  I haven’t slept a wink because today we reveal my new Christmas themed ebook Fertilise Your Christmas!!  Super exciting!

Take a peek inside.  She’s a beauty.

Wanna know what’s inside exactly?

Your full Christmas day menu from breakfast right through to dinner plus treats and drinks.

Food themed Christmas gift ideas

Tips to help you survive this Christmas and thrive!


Good Food Friday : My broad bean and pomegranate salad!

I have a serious love affair with pomegranates. It’s a little winner on the nutrition stakes! (all this horse talk is sending me a little crazy!) And since we’re all about the spring racing carnival here in Melbourne right now, you may have found yourself indulging over the week – so here’s a salad to get you back on track and tick all the boxes on taste too!

This recipe is from my ebook ‘Fertilise Yourself‘ where I share a stack of healthy, fertility-focussed foods.

But now, to the recipe!


My Pinky McKay interview AND your FREE access to my mini site.

Wa-ay back when (a couple of months ago but it feels like a lifetime ago!), after I released Fertilise Yourself, I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the wonderful Pinky McKay. I was tickled pink (haha boom!) for the opportunity to share with her just why the principles I reveal in the book surrounding fertile eating are applicable to all – those wanting to conceive, pregnant mothers, breastfeeding mothers and well… everybody actually! We talked about nutrition for new mums and why that’s just so vital for both their physical and emotional health – plus how you can make awesome breast milk too.

I’m a huge fan of Pinky’s. Take a listen – you might not have children yet nor be thinking about having them, but there is certainly something in this for everybody!

FY yoghurt

Good Food Friday : yoghurt with stewed fruits

Image – excerpt from Fertilise Yourself

Your breakfast sets the tone for your day, and eating well is one of the best things you can do. For ALL of yourself!

When you start with poor sugary cereals, your sugar levels peak and then plummet shortly after, as does your energy. You then start craving sugar. Soon after, the same thing happens again, and goes on all day. Meaning that your sugar levels are up and down like a clown on a pogo stick. It’s for this reason that we benefit most from starting our day well.

Why not try my super easy yoghurt and stewed fruit recipe from my Fertilise Yourself ebook, which you can get hold of it here.

Yoghurt and stewed fruit

Fruit is super easy to stew.

Simply remove the peel or rind, roughly chop, add 1/4 cup of water, and stew until soft. You can stew almost anything, and use a combination of fruits to spice things up. I love stewed apples. Rhubarb is delicious too, especially when pear is added, as the sweet and sour flavours combine well. You can also warm up prunes for a delectable treat.

Ad some granola and yoghurt, and you have a treat worth sharing!




My *new* affiliate program!

As you’d all know, I’ve just recently released my first (!) ebook, Fertilise yourself. I’ve now set up an affiliate program for my ebooks, and would love to help you make some extra money sharing them with your readers…

If you’re interested, read on.

You’ll be making 30% off every sale!

So for my Fertilise Yourself ebook, that’s $5.70!

Here’s how to get through it all:

Sign up to my affiliate program with ejunkie. Simply click here
Once you’re signed up and logged in look for the ‘affiliates’ tab and go to it.
Then click the ‘affiliate admin’ link.
Select ‘get affiliate code’
Select the ebook you want, and then select the ‘get affiliate link’ button.
This takes you to a page which displays the code. You can then copy and paste the code wherever you’re wanting to promote the ebook! The URL part of the code can also be used to link to a banner image – or it can be tweeted, or shared across any form of social media, or emailed…
If you’d like a banner for the ebook, feel free to use this one: