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Saying goodbye – Fertilise Yourself end of sale discount!

You may be aware that Fertilise Yourself as we all know and love, will soon be no longer.  Because she’s having an overhaul, she’s being published (holy wow right!?) and she’s going to be bigger, better and brighter than ever before.

But that said – she’s still as beautiful as ever and she’s going off line for a while until her new big sister version replaces her.  So with this in mind, I want to give you one last chance to purchase my very first e-book half price!

To take advantage of the offer, you can purchase here.  Please be sure to spread the word – this won’t be around for much longer (just a few short weeks) and I want everybody to have the opportunity to not only absorb the information but enjoy the recipes too!


How to become a natural fertility expert.

Ok – not because I want to blow my own horn but because people are asking – e v e r y d a y – just how did I become a natural fertility expert I thought it was a great opportunity to dedicate some time in to finding out a little more about how I arrived here.  Whether people want to know more for their own journey to fertility (just who’s blog are you reading exactly!?) or to add more skill to their treatment scope, equally it seems you are all super keen to know a bit more.

People would once look at me like I had two heads when I’d say I was a Chinese Medicine Herbalist.  Most people had no clue what that involved and I’m pretty certain some thought I was a witch doctor that brewed herbs in my mushroom house in preparation to poison snow white.


Recurrent Miscarriage – what does that even mean and where can I even start to fix it?

I had somebody write in a little while back and ask if I could share a little about recurrent miscarriage. Tricky part is, from a Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective there may be a swag full of reasons why this happens outside of known causes (ie genetic defects or structural irregularities). TCM views people according to their constitution, including their signs and symptoms. It doesn’t put you into the box of ‘recurrent miscarriage’ so it makes sense that we need to look for clues as to what individual cases are presenting, to go on and create a successful treatment plan. If we look at this from a western perspective, it may be from hormone insufficiency, hormone imbalance or excess hormones, a thin uterine lining, cysts, fibroids… it goes on. But most specifically for me, looking at gut function is also key since the gut is the pivot of our health – if the gut isn’t adequately assimilating food and drawing nutrients from our food, there is just no way our bodies can be nourished well – our hormones are affected (see Fertilise Yourself). That fertility switch once again get’s the flick.


Choose life, live it, do it

As this Australia Day weekend kicks on, what not more appropriate than to have a chat with Cass from Choose Life, Live it, Do it! Gimme a bit of that! I love what she advocates for – Cass is all about wellness and preventing illness and she has a special offer for YOU! Truly winning this Aus Day long weekend.

Cass has an online store and blog – her motivation behind her business was that she found it hard to source quality, non toxic products that you didn’t have to remortgage your house to pay for nor worry if they were the real deal. She has an inspiring story to tell – how her father passed suddenly from cancer, how she pinky promised her teen sister she wasn’t going to let cancer rule her life and how her baby girl drove her to create a hub for natural products. What’s more, late last year she announced her exciting news that another baby was on the way for the Choose Life, Live It, Do It crew – she shouted from the rooftops why she loves fertilise yourself so and how she believes it helped her get pregnant at the right time. Check that out here and now, here’s her story.