EEK! Houston we have a problem.


They say to never work with kids and animals.  Well this has nothing to do with either… but the unpredictable sometimes happens.  I’m piping in today to say EEK we have a problem!  We are working away in the back end because it seems something is broken – did you race in to join and crash our site!?  I kinda hope so because it is SO GOOD.  Our membership, set to launch today seems to have chucked a wobbly.  That means, we’re going to have to keep you waiting a little longer.  We are SORRY!

Well & Good ebook is here

Well & Good the E-book is here!


I cannot tell you how beautifully overwhelmed I’ve been at the response to the launch of my most recent published book Well & Good. Well & Good was the big sister to my very first book Fertilise Yourself which was my first e-book. There is oh so much that is to be loved about holding a ‘real’ book in your hands, but I also understand that some people are the e-book kind and some people live in certain reaches of the globe that Well & Good is yet to show up on your bookstore shelves.

So, it brings me so much joy to tell you today that Well & Good the E-book is here and because I’m feeling like a big round of applause is in order for her arrival. Let’s celebrate with a good ol’ fashioned giveaway!

Each person that purchases the Well & Good E-book between 23rd of March (it technically went on sale yesterday) until the end of March 2015 will go in the running to win one of 10 Kringo Wellness Bundles!

Well & Good ebook giveaway

Recipe Image, Carrot Apple Ginger Immunity Juice .

Good Food Friday: Immunity Juice & a giveaway not to be missed!

I can’t even tell you how much I love and respect Amy Crawford.  She is such a shining light in the wellness industry and most certainly a woman that walks the walk and talks the talk.  I most of all love how much she listens to her body and gives it what it deserves.  We can all learn a thing or two from this beauty.  She’s featured on the site several times, and she’s kindly here today with not only a stunning recipe but a giveaway to boot! Keep reading for details.

chocolate mousse 6

My new, improved chocolate mousse PLUS our GIVEAWAY WINNER!

This is all a little bit too exciting!  Today – we announce our winner of the MAMMOTH giveaway we’ve been so delighted to have on offer to celebrate the new site launch.

Before we get there – I’m also sharing with you today, my revamped Chocolate Mousse!  We’ve been recipe testing at Kringo HQ to make sure that the recipes in Fertilise Yourself are as delicious as ever – we’ve substituted some ingredients to make it more delicious and more nutritious.  You will want to give this one a try – it’s so darn freaking delicious – my team sampled it last week, their tongues were stuck to the side of their bowls savouring every last lick!  Somebody even made their way into MY serve before I got there…  Anyway, don’t take my word for it – you can now make it yourself.  This recipe is from my soon to be gone e-book Fertilise Yourself.  Remember you can currently get your hands on a copy at 50% off making it $9.95!  Do that too, so you can totally have your meal plans sorted for the coming weeks before it’s goneski.