Christmas ebook cover

The Christmas e-book is BACK! (and how you can get it FREE)

Last year we launched this little beauty and because there are so many people new to this space, we’ve decided to re-release the Christmas book again to make your christmas sweeter.

Purchased it last year?  You’ve got the goods but perhaps you’d like to tell your friends that I’ve got their Christmas covered.

Take a peek inside.  She’s a beauty.

Wanna know what’s inside exactly?

  • Your full Christmas day menu from breakfast right through to dinner plus treats and drinks.
  • Food themed Christmas gift ideas
  • Tips to help you survive this Christmas and thrive!

To purchase Fertilise Your Christmas click here.

Coconut Almond Cookies

Good Food Friday: Angeline’s Coconut Almond Cookies

Angeline Norton, otherwise known as Foodie Fitness Girl has been in the health and fitness industry for almost 10 years. She loves using her knowledge about nutrition and fitness to help people achieve their health goals. Angeline tells us she has always loved cooking and her blog beautiful demonstrates that you don’t have to eat boring foods to lose weight or to stay healthy.  Today she’s sharing her Coconut Almond Cookies – YUMMO!

YOUR Good Food Friday. Thank you for cleansing with me!

Friday!  The final day of my Gentle Body Cleanse.  I cannot tell you how much I have loved every second of this last week! Not only because I too have been cleansing and given my body some much needed TLC but I have been riding your wave of enthusiasm and cleansing love.  It has put the biggest smile on my face seeing your delicious foodie pictures that you have been sharing across social media. You guys are so totally awesome.

SO today this post is for you. I want others to feel inspired by your hard work and dedication to make positive changes and look after their beautiful selves.

If you haven’t been cleansing and like the look of this and want to jump on board for the next round, don’t stress as there is another just around the corner. Be sure to subscribe here to be first to know!


Food prep at it’s finest!

photo 5

Recipe Image, Carrot Apple Ginger Immunity Juice .

Good Food Friday: Immunity Juice & a giveaway not to be missed!

I can’t even tell you how much I love and respect Amy Crawford.  She is such a shining light in the wellness industry and most certainly a woman that walks the walk and talks the talk.  I most of all love how much she listens to her body and gives it what it deserves.  We can all learn a thing or two from this beauty.  She’s featured on the site several times, and she’s kindly here today with not only a stunning recipe but a giveaway to boot! Keep reading for details.