The ONE superfood your hormones need – MACA

If there is just one superfood you need on your menu to balance those cray cray hormones, it’s maca. Maca is from peru and it looks a bit like a potato, but it does a whole lot more good for your insides and best of all, it balances your hormones. Maca deliveries a big kick of energy to your system and is one food you should be including in your wellness regime. I’ve underlined all the benefits today because there are just so many for you to see! And I haven’t included them all here otherwise the post would go on forever. But know this much – maca may change your life.


Good Food Friday : Sam’s Super Smoothie

Following on from yesterday’s post Fertilise your smoothie – it seems many of you are keen as for the recipe. Don’t be afraid to play around with the ingredients – you can substitute anything your heart so desires – use the powders as a base and switch between the different milks and fruits or veggies.

Sam’s Super Smoothie

1 scoop Sun Warrior Protein Powder
1/2 tbp loving earth cacao powder
1 tbs loving earth mesquite
1 teaspoon loving earth maca powder
1 cup berries
2 cups of either rice or almond milk, or coconut water.

Place all ingredients in a blender and whizz until smooth and serve.




Good Food Friday : Sexy Slaw

I’ve been on a Salad rampage the past few weeks – scurrying like a squirrel before winter sets in to get in as much ‘cold’ food as I can before my body starts to shut shop on the raw front. You see, Chinese Medicine recgonises that cold food in cold weather doesn’t necessarily do your body any favours. It impairs gut function (since digestion occurs at 37 degrees) and triggers off all kinds of troubles ranging from irritable bowel symptoms right through to period pain and low immunity.

Be mindful and allow your body to slip through the seasons with ease. Sit down to warmer foods as the nights get cooler and winter begins to reveal itself. It’s the little simple things that make the biggest difference.

The balance of protein and quality fats in this salad makes it the perfect fertile salad!


Guest Post : Louise Bell’s top 5 Ways to wellness

I want to introduce you to Louise. Louise is the owner of Table Tonic a wonderful online homewares (and other treasures) boutique. Previously, Louise was the creative director at Cosmo, Cleo & Dolly magazines, and she certainly knows how to make life beautiful. I met Louise via twitter over a year ago, and quickly discovered not only her chic home stylin’, but her love for natural living. I’m slightly (ok that’s a huge lie, I’m totally) obsessed with her website. On her blog she often shares little tips and tricks she’s implementing for better health not just for herself but for her whole family. I love that her blog isn’t one dimensional, it’s offers style, fashion and health. Follow her – you’ll thank me later.


Top 10 – long, shiny hair SUPERFOODS

Last week Bree at The Blog Stylist wrote that the the subject of hair is a hot topic right now. I have to agree. I love hair! I’m very particular about my hair and I am fortunate enough to have co-operative hair most of the time. Bree knows about these things. She was the beauty and website editor at Cosmo, during her career has tested and tried all kinds of products – many I’m sure were hair products. I have no doubt that to some degree most beauty products do something to the state of hair and skin, but I’m also here to tell you that you can slather, brush and comb products through your hair until the end of the day – but if you’re not putting the right foods into your body – any result from product will only be short lived.

From a Chinese Medicine perspective – good hair is dependent on good blood flow to the scalp. This may not occur if a person is blood deficient or jing deficient (a term we use to describe our ‘essence’ or ‘youth’). When we are deficient of these properties we can see poor quality hair, premature greying and dry, broken hair. So using foods that assist in supplementing this will work well – and probably iron our a few other creases along the way. What’s more, this ‘jing’ that I speak off is also associated to our fertility – as we get older this diminishes and whilst for the purpose of this blog post it’s all about hair, know that these same foods will also do wonders for a more fertile you.

With this all in mind – today I’m sharing my Top 10 shiny hair super foods.